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My Name is Gary Christiansen and I am a PCB Layout Consultant in the Greater San Diego Area

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E-cad For Hire

Need help with a Hardware project?

A start-up looking for E-CAD Support?

  • Printed Circuit Layout
  • Schematic Entry
  • CAD Library
  • Library Database

Cadence Allegro – Orcad CIS – Pads PCB – Altium Designer

Specializing In:

  • High Density Interconnect (HDI)
  • Constraint Driven PCB design flow
  • DDR2 and DDR3 SDRAM Interface
  • Optical Networking Platforms
  • Medical Devices
  • Broadband Chipset designs
  • High End Consumer Electronics
  • Antenna Systems

Twenty+ years in the Electro-mechanical design and manufacturing field. – I am highly competent with proven skills in all types of printed circuit board and electronic packaging. – Extensive computer aided software experience utilizing over 10 major CAD systems and software packages. – Progressing from Printed circuit layout to mechanical design. – A reputation for excellence resulting in flawless designs. – Sought after for high priority projects. – Good understanding of Design for Manufacture, DFM. – Successful team product development from concept to manufacture.

Also Specialties With:

  • Start-Up Companies
  • Cadence Allegro Training
  • Orcad CIS Training

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